FAQs about Imago couples workshops

What can I expect?

What is the format of the workshop?

What is the schedule for the couples workshop?

Will we have to speak in front of the group?

Who should attend?

Does it matter what stage our relationship is in?

My relationship is falling apart and I don't even know if I want to stay in it. What will I learn in the couples workshop?

Isn't the fact that we are having so much difficulty a sign that we are not "right for each other"?

We work hard at our relationship but nothing ever changes for the better.

Does Imago Therapy apply to different "types" of couples?

Is this couples workshop appropriate for same sex partners?

Is the couples workshop religious?

I want to attend your couples workshop but my partner is not that interested. Is that a problem?

Can just one partner from the relationship attend the couples workshop?

Do I have to have read Harville Hendrix's books in order to take a workshop? And do I have to be in therapy?

Which is better, attending a workshop or going to weekly therapy? And if I want to attend a workshop, which should I do first?

What if we have to cancel?

What is the cost?

Is the fee covered by extended health benefits?

I have already attended a Getting the Love You Want couples workshop. Can I attend again?

What kind of follow up is available after the workshop?


Upcoming weekend workshops:

  • April 6-7 2024
  • May 4-5 2024
  • July 13-14 2024
  • August 10-11 2024
  • September 21-22 2024
  • October 19-20 2024
  • December 7-8 2024

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