“"I've been a consulting engineer for almost 30 years now, and have taken more classes/courses than I care to remember. The workshop you guys gave was one of the very few, maybe the only, that far exceeded the expectations in terms of content, being succinct and useable, providing a handbook that was so full of information that one weekend wasn't enough, and just generally 'dialed in'. We are just blown away by how completely practical and workable everything was. In a society where the divorce rate is over 50%, its probably safe to say that bad relationships are an epidemic. And its so surprising that Imago doesn't get more publicity that it does.” — Anthony

“This workshop was the perfect storm for us. The competent leaders, the supportive group and the warm and safe surroundings. Before this I thought I knew everything about my husband and was just about ready to throw the towel in. You helped him open up for the first time in 20 years, and just might have saved our marriage by helping us find each other again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” — Jennifer

“Professional and motivating on relationship repairing/building. Thank you for creating the "safe" place which I knew never existed. Your techniques and efforts made a difference in my life. Keep "changing people's lives", you do it well. Saying thank you seems so inadequate... God bless you!” — Tom

“Deeply moving experience that energized my commitment and connection to my partner.” — John W.

“In tune and very qualified to help couples. I walked away enlightened as a wife and mother. Excellent for spouses and parents!” — Lory L

“The workshop helped me learn how to avoid dead ends and have a way forward.” — Bob T.

“An amazing look into the journey needed to perfect your most intimate relationship. Presenters were sensitive, caring, intelligent, excited and committed.” — Lissa H.

“We made more progress in two days than in the last six years since our first kid was born.” — Shane S.

“This was our first experience with couples work. It was an indescribably powerful start on the path to a mature and conscious relationship.” — Kyrsten

“This was the best gift I ever received. Now I see why all our other attempts to improve our relationship failed.”

“So genuine, kind, caring and willing to support and help us through. I am so grateful for the individual health that gave us. We felt so safe with them! Thank you!” — Leisa

“Well worth the money. I can tell they love and respect this Imago work. They are kind, helpful, attentive, empathic, very competent teachers.” — Serenity

“I learned to show up for my true love. Lovely and warm and so incredibly knowledgeable.” — Mike

“Wonderful opportunity for relationship to move in a more healthy direction. Love the no blame premise. Warm and engaging, professional, really helped create that safe space, encouraging us to take risks and to know how to bring healing to our partner and ourselves.”

“Wonderful, dynamic personalities. Great at getting the information across. Supportive and perceptive.”

“This was our first experience with couples work. It was an indescribably powerful start on the path to a mature and conscious relationship.” — Kyrsten

“It was the most enlightening and most incredible 2.5 days I have ever had. This has enabled me to start to really understand the meaning of the word empathy, which word I had not even heard of before all this started. As a result, not only am I more committed than ever to my relationship with (my husband) I know why I will not ever want to hurt him in the ways I have done, again.”

“Wonderful ability to sense the underlying issues and bring them out.”

“This workshop helped us break through to deep places we have not been able to access in 43 years of marriage. I can't say enough good! Presenters were energetic, enthusiastic, well spoken, compassionate and capable.” — Jan

“I was motivated to improve my relationship with my wife and I ended up having a major insight into my past and looking at my shortcomings related to our relationship. The presenters established a safety zone, made me feel accepted, important and comfortable. Excellent presentation, energy, examples. Everything was in order and on time.” — Paul

“Newlyweds to golden agers will benefit from the insights and techniques described. Grow closer and learn to resolve conflict productively in just one weekend!” — Eric and Cynthia

“The group setting they foster helps hold your fear in a tender and safe place to allow you to work through it.” — Rebecca

“This is definitely more than just reading the book or doing the exercises. If you "show up" you will get results.Very personable and easy to feel at ease with.” — Scott

“Workshop was awesome. I feel like we have so many great tools to enrich our relationship. I am so grateful for this experience. Their compassion and expertise made it possible to open up and heal. I have so much new found hope for relationship problems that I felt were insurmountable before this weekend. Simply awesome! Thank you.” — Julie

“After 22 years I was given the tools to grow into a successful person emotionally.” — Larkin

“An excellent and totally worthwhile experience. They were honest about themselves and were 'real' and this is what we hope for with any presenter. I would attend again. Both are to be commended for their hard work. In short, my relationship improved from this experience"

“I felt a sincere desire that all participants grow and are successful in relationship. They were knowledgeable, caring, respectful, patient and a pleasure to spend the weekend with.” — Brian

“Presented a wonderful, balanced workshop and skill building was excellent. They were very informative, well prepared, and spirited. Great location and accommodations for this kind of workshop experience.” — Robb

“This was a wonderful workshop that helped me gain insight and clarity even though my own defenses tried to block me. Very warm and safe. Very knowledgeable!”

“A fantastic workshop that broke down barriers and barely knew I had. I don't know how you do what you do but you were great. Super skills as presenters and very talented guiding participants.”


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